Interior molding & trim are important assets to your homes everyday appeal, by adding crown molding and baseboards in the interior rooms of your home you can add great overall architectural character and strength. There are many types of crown molding to use out there here is a list of different material options:


• Wood

• Plaster

• Plaster Covered Foam

• Polyurethane Foam

• Flexible Polyurethane

and more!


When thinking about the size needed for your crown molding play off of the existing base trim and select a size that is slightly smaller

in inches than your baseboards. Also, consider the height of your ceiling.


Selecting what is right when it comes to baseboards as well depends on ceiling height and also the overall look & design you are going for such as (old fashioned, modern, contemporary, etc.) Call us at 865-621-8288 and one of our professionals can help you select the right crown and trim for all your interior home needs.

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